Blog! Melissa is 'A Girl In Love'. As well as a positively gorgeous design, her writing style is light, breezy and above all, real. Especially love her review of 'The Musketeer':
"We watched The Musketeer last night. It sucked. It didn't just suck in one arena, it sucked in them all. It isn't a pretty way to put it but there is no way to explain it better. There is no amount of clever and well choreographed fighting scenes that can fix this kind of movie. If there was we wouldn't know it because for a movie billed as well choreographed and jam packed with fight scenes it had very few. Want something with the same feel this was going for, with the same basic plot and fun to watch, watch The Princess Bride."
Amen. I would also add that after Disney's version and 'The Man In The Iron Mask', Dumas' stories would be laid to rest for a while ... see you when I'm not sneezing at you all ...

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