Commuter Life Overheard on the train home tonight ... two men in suits ...
"So you know my sister?"
"The one who's a graphic designer? She's freelancing after y'know."
"And she's been working on TV, and she got three job offers. And she only knew about one of them."
"Which one?"
"Well she knew about on a tv series series called Farscape."
"What's that?"
"It's on the BBC. It's from Jim Henson, you know who made the Muppets."
"So she took that job because she knew what it was and she needed the money."
"OK ..."
"Then she found out what the other jobs were that she couldn't take now. One was on the second Matrix film. And the other was Star Wars."

[That's gotta hurt ... for more things heard 'In Passing' go to 'In Passing']

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