Pause Still watching 'Waking Life'. I'll do this sometimes ... I'll see film and I'll want to wacth it over and over because I feel like I'm missing the important details or moments ... which I'll then miss again because I was paying attention to other stuff. I think if I'd actually seen this thing at the the cinema I would have had a very expensive week.

Commenting on yesterday's post, Alfvaen of Den of Ubiquity thinks I overestimated how many people buy films [see guestbook]. I think what I was trying to say, not very well, is that the general audience would not necessarily have an interest in buyning films like 'Waking Life', but interested parties should be able to. I suppose the best way of acheiving this would be some kind of digitl delivery system. You call a shop or drop in and say that you want to buy a copy of a film on DVD or video and they would burn or dub a copy while you wait after streaming or downloading the information from a general source. I remember this approach being used for games on cassette during the 8-bit computer age -- you would ask for a game and they recorded it onto tape at the checkout. In the newer version, there would also be a machine on hand which could print the inlay and documentation at the same time -- all the shop need to is supply the box and disk. The only downsides are that download speeds would need to increase even more and portable printing machines would have to be of a quality comparable to that available now.

TV For those following the story, bidding has closed on the terrestrial digital license. We're going to Sky incidentally. Some day.

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