Perhaps Not too long ago in an alternative dimension, in street very close by, two teenagers Tim and Mike are out playing on their bikes. It's the end of the summer, but they'd rather be bored here than back in school. Tim asks:

"Fancy the pictures, tonight."
To which Mike answers:
"Can't. Doctor Who's on tonight."
"Will that take all night?"
"After that."
"Groovy. What do want to see?"
"That new one."
"What new one?"
"It's called err ... A New Hope."
"Sounds like a film for girls."
"Look-in said it was a space opera."
"It's for girls, and it's got old people's music in it. It sounds rubbish."
"No .. listen ... there are these two robots and they crash on this planet and they have to hide from the baddies because they've got the plans for some secret base, which gets destroyed at the end."
"So it's like Doctor Who. Why would I pay to see something I can see at home?"
"It's better than Doctor Who."
"No it isn't ..."
"Tisn't. Bet it asn't got Daleks."
"No -- but it's got these men in white armour. And there's this princess, and a giant monkey."
"But I don't like the title. What do we tell our mates in school? We went to see a film called A New Hope. It's a girly title. The cinema will be full of girls ..."
Tim waits for Mike to work it out ...
"What time are you coming around?"

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