Sport I'm in love with the on-going story of the underdog (perhaps because I'm as plucky as everyone else). I'm the one who thought Sunita would win Big Brother, that Lib Dems will always win General Elections, that all of those flash in the pan girl groups like Bellefire will reach number one without any airplay. So this year's World Cup has been something of a dream. Before match after match Alan Greene or some other Radio Five Live pundit will write off a team and map out the tournament as they see it will progress. This morning for example, Korea had no chance of qualification, not against a team like Portugal. Really. The USA will have no chance -- soccer as they call it isn't that popular there, it's only being carried by a minor TV station. Ahem. Senegal. Right. Time after time, teams which have apparently no chance are finding feet of gold and minting result after result. And teams which we tipped as potential winners find themselves enjoying executive class as they fly home. So see you France, Argentina, Portugal. It gladdens the heart that for once nothing is set down -- anyone could win. Although it'll probably be Brazil. Who are they playing next so that I support that team instead?

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