Blog! DaisyBlossom offers a stunningly accurate description of what also happens to me at concerts:
"When the matches came out and started playing, everyone starting moshing and slam dancing which had me crushed against the stage like you wouldn't believe. I used to mosh when I was like 15 and 16 but back then I didn't realize how annoying it is to be unwillingly part of it. I got the wind knocked out of me 2 times as people we pushing me into the stage which came right in my abdomen. Unfortunately, I couldn't move so all I could do was try to guard my rib cage the best I could. It was so gross though, I mean people are like humping me. Their whole body jumping up and down right on my backbody was I think the grossest feeling in the world. I was in agony the whole time the matches were out there but like I said I still loved their music."
As Sheryl Crow sang 'No one said it would be easy ...'

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