Radio The BBC's Radio Player has been expanded to include micro-content. The 606 rant line is football supporters on a free-for-all about the game; strangely entertaining although it does remind me why I haven't been to a match in fifteen years. Much more in my area are the marvellous film reviews of Mark Kermode, who is much more free wheeling here than when he appears on 'Late Review' (if you catch it this week you can here Dom Jolly and Bob Geldof talking about German film).

Blog! Ladyblog's Erika:
"I just got super glue on my tongue. Thank the Lord, it isn't stuck to anything. It's just there. It's annoying and hard and well, stuck. I guess I deserve it. I shouldn't have had super glue anywhere near my mouth. You see, I have several cracks on my fingers that are killing me, so I bought some super glue and filled in the cracks. I didn't buy the real super glue, of course, because there were others that were cheaper. Two for the price of one, in fact. The stuff took longer than I thought to set and I don't know how it ended up on my tongue, but there it is. I am tired. I am a dork."
I sometimes get brown sauce in my hair ...

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