Film Disney releases a sequel to 'The Jungle Book'. The reviews have been mixed ...
" At last it has produced a big-screen, animated sequel, "The Jungle Book 2," a work of such charm and imagination it should enchant, as the old circus phrase goes, "children of all ages." .... Mowgli's subsequent adventures are told with much wit and humor, and knockout musical numbers give the film a terrific lift ... Director Steve Trenbirth and a vast animation team have honored the classic Disney style of simply and attractively rendered human and animal characters with superbly illustrated backgrounds, in this instance a lush, leafy jungle replete with ancient ruins and a humble rural village nearby."
-- Kevin Thomas, LA Times

"The Jungle Book 2" is so thin and unsatisfying it seems like a made-for-DVD version, not a theatrical release ... There's none of the complexity here, in story or style, we expect in this new golden age of animation. It's a throwback in which cute animals of no depth or nuance play with the hero or threaten him in not very scary ways."
-- Roger Ebert, Syndicated.
You're wrong ... no you're wrong ...

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