TV Tonight's 'The Second Coming' was pretty unreviewable, but Mark Lawson has a go:
"While evangelical Christians would doubtless be happier watching their Cliff Richard videos, Davies, though a professed atheist, never seems to be deliberately farting in church. The Second Coming is as distant from the territory of Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ and Serrano's Piss Christ as Manchester is from Jerusalem."
This is the sort of thing which ITV used be known for (and Channel 4 for that matter) and made a real change from the endless re-runs of 'A Touch of Frost'. I really loved it, although I would have liked a bit more scope. Surely the son of God would have left his native Manchester or would have been forced to. What I will say is that the sections after Baxter's death ... about were it left humanity encapsulated ow I feel about all of this. Why should we believe in something supernatural when we hardly ever believe in oursleves?

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