Music(?) Music in the Key of EEG. I can but quote:
"A stressed-out brain makes static sounds. A mildly concerned brain produces a noise that sounds like breakfast cereal melting in milk. An interested brain sounds like a jumpy cat emitting a steady, low-level purr interspersed with a few high-pitched squeals ... Hook a whole bunch of brains up to a computer, capture and play the sounds they make, and you get, well, not quite music, but certainly some interesting noise ... That's exactly what happened at the Cyborg Echoes Deconcert in Toronto over the weekend."
I wonder if a particularly musical brain is more harmonic? [via artsjournal]

Perhaps at some point we could all listen to our brain automatically using ickle chip technology:
"Controversial news about computer chips has been crossing the wires lately. Rather, controversial news about a specific, futuristic kind of chip: the “VeriChip,” a device that, in the world of microchips, is actually relatively lo-tech. The chip, sealed in a tiny glass capsule about the size of a grain of rice, simply carries a number that corresponds to a database of information. What makes it futuristic is its intended use. "
The perverse applications of this technology seem to be endless -- tracking citizens being the scariest. But then, isn't this exactly what we do with some wildlife?

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