Quiz! Time for this quarter's excrutatingly difficult competition, and because I'm in an egotistical mood, it's all about this weblog.

(1) Who was the subject of the first post? Why does it demonstrate I know nothing about nothing?
(2) Which single post has gained the most hits via Google?
(4) Which film do I watch every Christmas?
(5) What's my job?
(6) What is the ringer tune on my mobile phone?
(7) What are my dream alternative careers?
(8) Where did I commute to for a year?
(9) What do I amusingly say my religion is?
(10) How old am I?

The usual 'feeling listless soundtrack' is up for grabs ... closing date this time of the end of April ...

Art To get away from the war for a second ... I urge you to download the BBC Four screensaver, created in the style of their channel idents. Restful sounds play over floating lights, allowing you to create your own fantasy schedule: "Now on BBC 4, WWF Smackdown ...."

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