Big Brother You knew it was coming, it is nomination night after all. And as usual Jon is up because they can think of a reason to nominate him. Listen up people. He is only shouting at you because he knows you're going to fail the task again this week because you haven't a bloody clue what you're doing and you won't listen to him even though he knows what he's talking about. It's for your benefit. The alternative is another week of chickpeas. Just vote off Federico everyone.

In other news, it doesn't surprise me at all that Nush is actually making a crack at playing the game (diplomatic with Jon about food / turning it all around when talking to Steph and turning everyone against him / making Sissy stircrazy). She's probably the cleverest of the girls so I'd keep an eye on her tictacs. Does anyone actually admit to being a Justine fan? Watching her outside the house on Big Brother's Little Brother and RI:SE she seems a bit, well, full of her own importance as though everything she says matters, even though, frankly, it doesn't. All excited about the going to the 2 Fast 2 Furious premiere. Look at which film it was ... and who else was there. Still excited?

Also, the Australian version was almost sued this week by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission for airing a racist joke. Not because of the joke itself, but because the 'comedian' didn't get a warning from Big Brother because it didn't break the rules ... welcome to the not so real world ...

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