Music There isn't anything better than someone treating crap like gold (I should know) so this piece by Pop Matters regarding Joey Blossom Lawrence one and only album Joey Lawrence is very good indeed:
"Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" is great example of the bouncy, happy fun that fills up much of Joey's debut release. The album is crammed with tunes all wonderfully innocent and completely danceable. Joey samples a few different genres, mixing hip-hop and rap with your basic pop melody. Every one of these happy songs has a groovy beat and a lively chorus. It all comes together to create a very cool story about a boy's relationship with his summertime girl.
To cover the blank faces which are probably greeting this post, Blossom was an early nineties Channel 4 import shown in the 6pm slot opposite BBC Two 'Cult' programmes. It was pre-Friends in all kinds of ways (although popular enough to be referenced in the first season of that show), but benefitted from some very good performances and a not entirely god-awful script which touched on some social issues (even if the senimentality did creep in all over the place). Her brother older brother suffered from a drink problem and her dad was a divorce. Everyone remembers particularly Joey Lawrence (Whoa) and Six who would enter into massive monologues which would obsess around a problem (for this think Sir Humphey's verbal games in Yes, Minister). Wierdly, some of the episodes were directed by Bill The Hulk Bixby ...

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