TV Stonkingly good article from Sight and Sound about 24. It looks at the series through their usual film school lense, talking about themes and the place of the series within the context of recent global events:
"Even so, in the season that saw the war in Iraq come to life, 24 was the only film/movie/television show occurring in the same country. It was a cockamamie serial, to be sure, but it understood some of the deep threats to what this country claims to be about. As you may have guessed, this writer is of the opinion that the gravest threats come not from without, from enemies and terrorists, but from within, from people capable of thinking up a word like Homeland, from people greedy to lead the United States and skilled enough to win the things we call elections."
Slight spoiler for next week's episode on BBC2 and I would tread carefully in other places. .

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