Books After the massive media push motivated by Manchester's Urbis I've joined BookCrossing. The concept is simple and surreal. Once you're read a book you've no intention of reading again, you go to the site, register it, print out a label with a reference number and then release it into the wild -- or in other words, just sort of leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up and enjoy. They will then go to website, register that they've read it then pass it on again.

Since I am in the process of having a clearout in preparation for the big move I'm essentially getting rid of anything I really don't need. There aren't actually that many books I would read over and over. I've always had a very strong recall for most things artistic so I can always remember the experience of reading the book if it was vivid enough. I've also got a lot of books I've bought with good intentions but know I'll never get around to. Like The DiscWorld Companion which you would only need if you're a fan and since Ankh Morpork's passed me by due to a commitment to a certain timelord I might as well leave it somewhere for a real fan to pick up.

At the site a bookshelf is set up where you can list all of the books you're releasing. You can see where I left some of the books so far. Although I'm going to try and keep some fidelity with the concept, today I just made a point of going places. Strangely the only time anyone asked about what I was doing was on the bus home tonight when I left Notes and Queries on my seat as I got up and someone asked if it was mine. I denied all knowledge, but one went to pick it up. I am aware looking at the site that many of the books don't have many more than two or three journalers unless they're being looked at by a reading group, but it's just an exciting thing to do. I'll keep you posted as to how I get on.

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