TV This looks to my eyes like the new 24, and my kind of television:
"Not as easy to categorize is "Carnivale," which weaves a multi-layered tapestry of stories that threads together science fiction, history and religion. The series also is propelled by two seemingly disparate story lines that never intertwine throughout the first season, a narrative structure that could puzzle viewers, acknowledged Ronald Moore, one of the series' executive producers. "This is not a traditional TV series by any stretch of the imagination," he said. "We're telling a complicated story in a very elliptical, unusual fashion. We're setting the bar pretty high for the audience."
If this is the same Ron Moore who worked on the final few season of Deep Space Nine and made that series a legend, this should be very good. And because it's on HBO it should be given a good airing. [see also the IMDb]

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