Commerce Shopping Japanese Style - 2003.1112. Someone's been playing SimCity in the real world again:
"From above, the project looks like a stepped, green park surrounded by urban chaos. It crosses multiple blocks and is lush with trees, flowers, lawns, cliffs, streams, waterfalls, ponds, clusters of rocks, and outdoor terraces. Winding stone walkways, designed to mimic the natural curves and stratification sculpted by wind and water, gradually ascend eight levels to the street.

Beneath the park, a man-made canyon carves a pathway through a commercial center. This corridor connects the east and west edges of the site with existing urban circulation patterns. Rising up from the canyon floor are layers of specialty retail shops and entertainment and dining venues."
Which seems infinitely preferable to what I witnessed in The Capital of Culture 2008 yesterday afternoon. This year is an online Christmas for so many reasons...

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