TV Pretty coherent rant regarding the Doctor Who segment of Children in Need last night. Yes it was unfunny and stupid. At the very least it should have been prerecorded. But what really disappointed me was that Wogan and Roslin stepped up and thank Jan Raverns and the Dead Ringers people and left Sylv and Colin, the two people there who had actually played Doctor Who, who'd actually squeezed into their old costumes, standing around like lemons. My God, it took ten years, and they've finally managed to create something which was actually works than Dimension in Time.
[The thread from the RT forum has been deleted ... bit too far off topic I expect, which is why the link above doesn't work properly. Basically the gist was that despite all the merchandise and UK Gold weekend, other than Blue Peter, this was the only thing on a terrestrial channel about the show and it sucked...]

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