TV Speaking of crap television, Ian Jones at Off The Telly reviewed The Christmas Show before I could.
"It's hard to outrank Holmes in terms of all-round uselessness, but Tess (Daly) certainly gives it a try. Whatever the circumstances, it's dreadfully hard for her to avoid giving an impression of having only cast an eye over her script just seconds before going to air, or struggling to think up any kind of spontaneous remark that isn't desperately clich├ęd. She responded to Holmes' thigh-related saucery with a half-hearted, "Oooh, you liar - your pants are on fire." When her co-host uttered a quick "ho, ho, ho!" she came back with "hey, hey, hey." Faced with the pivotal task of giving the big name guest of the day Sheryl Crow a suitable welcome, Tess opted for the one question guaranteed to get things off to a bleak start: "Are you looking forward to Christmas, Sheryl?" Unbowed, she later confronted another guest, an actress from The Bill, with the conversation stopper: "So, if you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be?" to which the reply eventually came, "My husband".
As you know I rather like Sheryl Crow too but by the end of that show I would have been on my phone firing my agent. There are ways and means of attracting the middle of the road audience but this isn't it.

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