Film Another ten then. This time for the latest Empire Greatest Film Poll:

When Harry Met Sally
Waking Life
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Walking and Talking
La Raine Margot
In The Bleak Midwinter
Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Lawrence
A Matter Of Life and Death
Groundhog Day
The Seventh Seal

Yes I know it's an infuriating list (no action films, too many romantic comedies or relationshippy films) but we already know either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings is going to be at the top and it would just be really fun for something like Martha to make the list at all. Plus it's stupid to ask a cineaste for his top ten films -- top five hundred more like. It's a High Fidelity issue really, theming being the key. Much easier to ask for my top ten films for cheering yourself up. Which I might need what with my first day back at work tomorrow...

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