TV I just discovered Spooks on DVD. Actually I knew it was good all along, but because I missed everything but the very first episode, I didn't see the point in jumping into the random repeats that turn up on UK Gold. It's probably some of the most exciting television Britain has produced in a good five years and I'm glad I've broken into their office. The DVD is especially good, with funny but fact-packed commentaries and useful mini-documetaries. I'm especially pleased to hear a third series in the works. This Beacon Journal article reviews the US release of the DVD (look at that price in dollars -- I bought it in the WHS Smiths sale for £12.99) and talks to a couple of the actors and talks about the differences in the shows presentation in the US. The name was changed to MI5 and ten minutes are lobbed out of the show for commercials. I'm assuming they're mostly scenes about characters, which is a shame because in the first season at least they were some of the most effective moments. [via tvtattle]

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