Frame one:
Stuart doesn't like waiting in line for films. He goes to the cinema on his own a lot and never knows what to do while he waits.

Frame two:
There is always some other single person there and Stuart always feels like he should start talking to them.

Frame three:
Clerk: .... the screen should be ready in a minute.

Frame four:
Stuart leans forward into the girl's earshot.
Stuart: He keeps saying that, I don't mind either way.

Frame five:
She's smiling at him. Is that a good sign?

Frame six:
Stuart: Have you seen Lost In Translation?
Single Girl: Yes.

Frame seven:
Stuart: Isn't it great?
Single Girl: Yes. Have you seen Big Fish?

Frame eight:
This is going well. She seems nervous though.
Stuart: I've seen all of the films on here at the moment.

Frame nine:
Stuart: (thinking) Why did I say that?
Stuart: Although not all here. I'm not obsessive.

Frame ten:
Stuart: (thinking) And that? What's wrong with me?.
Single Girl: Have you seen Touching The Void?

Frame eleven:
Stuart: Yes it ... err ... umm ... different ...

Frame twelve:
Stuart: ... there's another documentary on the DVD about the making of ....

Frame thirteen:
Stuart: (thinking) She doesn't care. And yet I can't stop speaking.
Stuart: .... all of the films which were nominated for an Oscar last year have been distributed ... Winged Migration which I saw the other night ...

Frame forteen:
Stuart: (thinking) I'm the most boring man alive.
Clerk: Screen three?

Frame fifteen:
Stuart stops speaking and dashes foward like someone dodging a bullet.

Frame sixteen:
Stuart: Here's my ticket

Frame seventeen:
She sits right behind him in the auditorium. Stuart tries to make eye contact but she looks away.

Frame eighteen:
Stuart: (thinking) Will this kind of thing happen to everyone who goes to see the film American Splendor?

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