Reader's Letters New reader Kirsten Pike from Australia offers the following pithy response to my Oscar predictons yesterday ...
How strange - I always thought Australia was behind with release but it's all over the place. I have seen heaps of these films you say aren't out yet but then we haven't had Pearl Earring yet and I am dying to see that. It's LOTRs year - the poor bastards have to reap the rewards sometime. Go and see Mystic River for goodness sake - you have to be able to make a judgement on Sean Penn's performance - he really is pretty amazing. I would wait for Seabiscuit on DVD, though I did enjoy it, I don't think it's up there with the rest of these. It would be fascinating to see Bill Murray win the Oscar - I don't mind if Bill or Sean get it but Sean will doubtless get another change while Bill....who knows.

I got A Mighty Wind out on DVD last week - it's not Best In Show - but it is brilliant. I watched it once, then watched my fave scenes again, then watched the whole thing again with the commentary.

Triv: if Keisha Castle-Hughes takes out best actress I think it will be the youngest ever- that would be noteworthy. Oh. I am guessing comments aren't supposed to be essays. Sorry.
That's why there are big boxes. I really would like Bill to win Best Actor. It's a lifetime achievement award to be sure, but if he was to win for something it has to be something as excellent as this.

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