Life You might remember last year I waxed lyrical about geting a Sony Walkman and the year before about the Gameboy and how I was fullfilling some old promise to myself. I've done it again. During my work break this afternoon I dashed through the rain to a Starbucks across town and bought two mugs (for the geographically aware, that's the bottom of Sir Thomas Street to the Town Hall and back in forteen minutes including the time in the shop).

It was an impulse buy. An 'I should go do that' moment. You see I've always pictured myself at home drinking filter coffee out of a Starbucks mug just like they have in the coffee house. It's silly. As my Mum said when I told her: "If you got eleven pounds to spend on two mugs never complain to me again that you've got no money." (not that I incidentally ever do that). But sometimes you just have to (or you do if you're me).

I've always been fairly in the Generation X camp. I'm not easily sold to, I have a faily individual taste in music and although I lack pearcings and tatoos I sometimes go out wearing two identical jumpers, one on top of the other. And I know that I should be supporting independent coffee houses. But most Starbucks are such relaxed places, with good music, good people and above all great coffee. And they get their ingredients from fairtrade sources. So what could be wrong with that. Frankly, the French don't know what they've been missing. [link via krl]

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