Blogging in the style of .... Kottke's Remaindered links weblog

  • Future of the internet modelled on 'The Lawnmower Man'

  • Sir Peter Ustinov dies

  • Santa Fe

  • The First London Marathon was on this day in 1981

  • Archbishop says 'Footballers Wives' underlines everything that's wrong with morality in the UK (oddly enough I tuned in for the first time ever late the other night and Mark Gattis was doing a cameo as a sleazy agent type. Wierd but classic.)

  • Google redesigns (and for some reason feels a little bit sexier, if that's the term to use)

  • All of the actors who've played Him (my favourite is Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny, God)
    . . . Old Grey Hare, The (1944))

  • Living in Europe (community weblog for people in my part of the world)

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