TV My So-Called Life is being rerun on one the larger US cable networks spawning a number of articles re-appraising the series. Television Without Pity's Sarah D. Bunting's My So-Called Reruns takes the view that that I've had now and then that the series wouldn't be quite so culty if it had gone on for another few series -- could it have continued to be so acute and insightful into a seventh or even eighth year? Menuel Mendoza notes that ...
Today, "My So-Called Life" would be a hit - if it got on the air in the first place and found a similar audience. Its average ratings of just under 9.9 million viewers would put it in front of Fox's "hit" soap "The O.C." by 600,000 viewers and with similar demographics, which is what really counts with advertisers.
Which underlines how undervalued the series was at the time. [both via tvtattle]

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