[dvd] IGN reviews 'Ranson: Special Edition' in Region One: 'The Video: Now this is the first injustice in this so-called special edition. The specs say 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, but it's not. It's the original non-anamorphic transfer from the 1997 release. Now that's an injustice for a so-called "Special Edition." The video has a notable amount of dust and scratches on the print, and it looks dark, murky and extremely diffuse. Much of the detail, particularly in the grungy apartment where Sean is held and the Mullen apartment, is seriously deficient. On the plus side, colors are relatively steady, with acceptable black levels and solid colors overall, and the video is free of flicker or edge enhancement. But overall, the film looks a lot older than its eight years.'

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