[music] Anastacia wrote her new album during her Cancer recovery program: 'I had nothing left. I couldn't form a sentence and remember what I said. My voice was completely weak. I had insomnia, so instead of being extra tired, I was kind of just dumb and awake. But once I stopped writing, I felt better. I surrendered to it, finally. And the rest of the treatment was acceptable, in so much as I was able to accept everything that went on with all the side effects, without having to add writing an album that's going to hopefully keep me in this business.'

[The first in an occasional series. Just thought I'd try the blogging equivalent of the literary pastiche ... not spoofing though ... just trying to find a common ground between my interests and the work I'm homaging ... I thought I'd try LinkMachineGo first because it's one of the weblogs I've been reading the longest.]

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