Life Goodness where did all these 'things to do' come from? Back soon.

Update: Couldn't stay away. Actually, tonight I went into town with Fani and after a coffee and carrot cake went to the John Moores University for a drink. I haven't been to a student union bar for a few years and apart from the stark realisation that I was old enough to be the lecturer of the clientelle, I was suprised at how little things have changed. I don't know what I was expecting, but it could have been ten years ago. All I could think was -- 'If I'd known then what I know now...' Any differences were fairly subtle -- people seemed more tactile than I remember, there were more mobile phones out on tables and when people began to sing along with Oasis' Wonderwall on the jukebox it was in an slightly ironic way, unlike during my time when it was the anthem of a generation.

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