Words I was always suspicious of the validity of using 'blogging' as a description of what I do. It's like 'hoovering', a branding name turned into a verb. And like that word, if I'm using a Dyson, I still say I'm hoovering things up -- so if I get huffy and move over to Movable Type or god forbid LiveJournal I'll still be blogging. Disturbingly, I discovered when editing a post the other day, Blogger itself doesn't recognise 'blog' or 'blogging' as valid words in a spell check even though they rely on that software for their very existence:

'Blogger' isn't recognised either -- it ironically suggests 'blocking' as an alternative. Yes it should prove that the spell checker has an accuracy to it. But Microsoft is recognised and that's not a real word. So who is right? On a corporate level that seems disasterous. But perhaps Evan and the guys should console themselves with the fact that they've led to a word at least colloquially entering the public realm even if they themselves don't consider it worthy of their own dictionary*. I mean when was the last time we said we were exceling in something and mean a spreadsheet?

* But is the dictionary could be a bought in construct -- in which case is it time to go in house?

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