Buffy The new Chosen One (for the animated series pilot) speaks:
"Here's how I got the role initially for the video games: I auditioned," explains Loren, whose other credits include appearances on GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. "I'm an actress. I studied [Gellar], I learned how and where to place my voice to match hers and then I watched specific seasons of the show to understand her mannerisms, her physicality, her inflections. Finally, I created my version of Buffy as she seems on the page. Joss has created an amazing world and [Gellar] has a very specific style. I just got lucky enough to be able to do it."
So long as her chemistry with Aly, Nic and Tony is good she should do fine. [via Whedonesque]

[Updated: Incidentally I've noticed that this was my 2,500th post on the weblog -- which is truly shocking -- I never thought I had that much to say. I've missed previous landmarks so I think this calls for a celebratory bottle of water -- and in keep with similar TV series a live post. See tomorrow...]

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