Five reasons why Big Brother has suddenly turned into the Doctor Who meta-story Trial of a Timelord:

(1) Some of the participants are essentially sitting around commenting on what happens in the very television series they are part of. And just as The Valyard bent reality to serve his purpose in undermining the case of The Doctor, now Victor is going around saying that Emma said some not very nice things on the opening night.

(2) Surely the infighting between the 'Jungle Cats' and everyone else in the house is a thinly veiled rerun of the conflict between the surface-dwelling Tribe of the Free, led by Queen Katryca (or in this case Nadia), and the planet's other inhabitants, a group of subterranean technocrats and their robotic ruler Drathro (Jason) on the desolate planet Ravolox. I'll let you decide which is the giant phallic symbol in the centre of the village (Big Brother house).

(3) Isn't Marco just a thin, camp, unshaven version of Brian Blessed's warlord character King Yrcanos? Both have the capacity to shout randomly and get excited at the mearest hint of something going wonky. One can only hope at some time in the future Marco too will be frozen in time and disappear for the rest of the story only to reappear again in a blurry photo married to this series own Peri Brown, Michelle.

(4) Speaking of Michelle, she must surely be thinking that Stuart's changed behaviour since she left the house is exactly the same situation as when The Doctor exhibited slightly psychotic tendencies towards Peri on the planet Thoros-Beta in order to impress his new master Sil. Perhaps she's hoping that just like The Doctor, Stuart will chain her to the beach and tell her about his intelligenve ('I've got 4 A-Levels etc).

(5) Avoiding easy humour about which of the housemates most resembles a Vervoid (she's already been evicted) there is the inevitable possibility that just as The Doctor entered the Matrix at the end of trial to tell the The Valyard what he thought of him, Emma will have a chance in a few days to go back into the house and do the same to Victor. Although I've a feeling this story won't end with her disappearing into a Tardis shouting 'Carrot Juice, Carrot Juice, Carrot Juice' -- Emma in charge of a TARDIS is just too scary a concept...

Next Week: Wasn't Hell's Kitchen just a rerun of the Jon Pertwee starring Inferno? (insert eyepatch joke here)

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JVK said...

Yes! And Davina IS Lynda Bellingham! or the Rani? (shiver)

And Inferno would be good to draw from, that constant pumping really drives the story.