Scene Unseen:
Amelie: Gnome

Film  This week I'm going to assume you've seen the film. If you haven't the following won't mean a thing and I suggest you go and watch it before coming back because it spoils the film a little bit. For people who are still here, this letter appeared in the 'You say' section of the Liverpool Echo last night. It's life immitating art for sure -- but is it by accident or a French movie reference?
Gnome truths

A PERSON or persons unknown stole a gnome from our front garden. They then sent me three picture postcards from France, with silly messages on them - supposedly from the gnome. Eventually it turned up on our doorstep with a small bottle of duty-free Jack Daniels tied to it and its face and hands had been painted a deep tan colour. I gave the whiskey away and scrubbed him clean.

If the person or persons concerned would like to take Mr Gnome on holiday again, will they please ask my permission first (as he may need a passport!) and please send him home with about 200 duty-free fags instead of whiskey.

Rosemary, Waterloo (Full Name & Address Supplied
Isn't that perfect?

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