Life Because of my late shift at work, things may be a bit threadbare around here. A few updates though. I'm not looking so tired -- apparently after a shave and a haircut I can look lot more healthy, much less like a hobo. In a related topic, I'm holding off buying a new mattress for now -- I've turned this one over and it seems OK so far, with proper nights sleep returning. I've discovered the joys of Firefox -- really its the Google of browsers and you should go and download now. The magazine sold at ebay; when I saw the selling price I cheered and ran up and down. This could get addictive. Shaznay Lewis' new single is an unforseen trip into early Nelly Furtado via late Natalie Imbruglia. Who knew that would happen? And finally, doesn't Casablanca improve with every viewing? And really, finally, really, my friend Chris now has a weblog.

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