Film While I'm linking to Guardian Unlimited, in yesterday's Observer there was a very good, positive interview by Simon Garfield with Woody Allen. I've been sick of hyper-critical pieces saying Woody's passed his best and shouldn't be making so many films, which disregards two things: Firstly, even when he's not so great Woody is still heaps better than some of the hacks strewn across the place (and more interesting) and secondly if I was him and people kept giving me money annually to make a new film and I didn't have anything else on I could spend my summer with people like Scarlett Johansson I would be doing it too. Noticably he seems to have slipped back into a cycle of more dramatic films so I imagine in a year or two people will be lauding him again. Fingers crossed. If Anything Else can finally get a distribution deal over here, anything's possible.

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