'I have a bad feeling about this ...'

Site News I've been a bit pre-occupied with the fact that the links in Delicious aren't appearing the main weblog. It feels like something is missing from the narrative. My latest attempt is using RSS-by-email. here is the methodology:

(1) I've set up a Blogspot weblog just for the purpose with an atom feed turned on.
(2) Gone to FeedBurner and used this empty atom feed for that weblog to create a smart feed which includes my Delicious links
(3) Logged into Info Aggregator and changed the email address it uses to reflect the posting email address from Blogger and made sure the only feed in use is the FeedBurner
(4) Cross fingers.

I'm not sure if it'll work, and grippingly we'll only find out if it's worked tonight when Feedburner pulls the Delicious links. Also I'm not sure how the links themselves will look after all those different ports of call. So it's either going to post gunk or magic. It's going to be interesting finding out.

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