'So no one told you life was gonna be this way...'

Life I feel like I need to apologise for not typing in anything longer than the pithy words which accompany what has basically become a linkblog over the past couple of days. For various reasons I've not been in the mood to write because I can't really write about what I want to write about -- it's never been that kind of weblog as you know. I think I'm going through a bit of late twenties angst really. In twenty-nine days they're over and I still don't feel like an adult or that I should be let out into the real world. Watching NY-LON the other week (of all things) I saw that shot of the little boy lost in the big city and I really identified with it. And I know I'm not alone, but why isn't anyone brave enough to say it?

I have plans, but as usual it's a waiting game -- waiting for the next thing to happen leading onto the thing after that. Like Anthony Rapp and friends in Dazed And Confused I'm in a perpetual state of preparing for something, like a train creaking slowly from station to station. The other issue being that I'm the only passenger and the destination seems to be moving further and further away. At least on an Arriva train someone apologises for the delay (even if they don't mean it). Now can you see why I haven't been writing about things much lately? I think I'll just go back to linking to stories about films for now if that's OK...


  1. Well, I can sympathise. I'm only a few months away from the end-of-my-roaring-twenties and where-the-hell-has-the-last-decade-gone? I'm worried that I'll suffer the same kind of angst in the month or so beforehand, but even now I bristle at the idea of it.

    So, you are not alone. You can get through this. And maybe, just maybe, while you're on that train-of-despair you'll meet Julie Delpy and she'll get off with you - and you'll exchange friggin' phone numbers and you won't have to wait nine years to see her again. :-)

    Just a thought.

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