'My bad. Sorry.'

Commerce I fell foul of Boots new meal deal pricing policy at lunch time. In the good old days, a sandwich, packet of crisps and massive bottle of water came to £2.50. In the new age that'll be £2.39 or £2.99 depending on the sandwich you choose. And you distinguish this by the small round 'meal deal' circle on the packet. In the fevered free for all of the scrum in front of the freezer I read this as green for cheap, red for robbery. So I picked some Coronation Chicken sandwiches, the water and the potato snacks and headed for the counter ... the rest of the story writes itself as I quibbled of the price only to be proven wrong by the accuracy of someone doing their job properly and a till which can scan and tell the price of something. Lunch should not be this kind of adventure. But the butties are still selling -- the fridges are always empty at the end of the day when I pass through for more water. Where else could a price rise of fifty pence actually not lead to a near riot?

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