'We're all living in a ...'

Film Prozac Nation, the adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's novel is finally getting a release, straight to Region One dvd:
"Q. When will Prozac Nation be released on DVD? - M.B.

A. Videoeta.com, a Web site that keeps track of the home video release dates of movies, says that Prozac Nation will probably be released in January 2005, but an exact date has not been announced. The movie has been announced for theatrical release and then delayed several times, and now appears be going straight to video. It features Christina Ricci as Elizabeth Wurtzel, a music critic for The New Yorker who wrote a memoir about her struggle with clinical depression."
Still no news as to whether it's actually good enough to turn into a cult classic. But at least we'll be able to see it.


  1. That's strange: It's been out on dvd here for at least six months, if not a year or so.

  2. Really? Not that I'm surprised. Two questions. Is it any good and second, are you Region 2?

  3. I liked it.
    Most people, er, didn't. :) But then I rather liked the book.

    We're region 2, yes. http://www.platekompaniet.no/dvdproduct.asp?id=6066-31d0