'This city is definitely going places...'

The Road To Beijing The highlights of the Liverpool Triathlon appeared a week later on Grandstand this afternoon. Apart from the oddness of seeing a race like that happening in one's own city, I was yet again impressed by Michelle Dillon's agility. Not all that long after a similar feat at the Olympics she fought her way up the field, tiredness being the final barrier from winning the race. The BBC presentation of the race was just as unusual as the highlights package from Athens with Stuart Story throwing in really odd trivia about Liverpool and saying lots of nice things about the organisers. In other news, Abi Oyepitan will be busy at the Berlin Golden League in the Olympic stadium tomorrow night, appearing in the 100m. This wasn't her strongest event in Athens, so it'll be interesting to see if this offers any indicators as to whether she would be best concentrating on the longer distance.

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