'What can I say -- I have a thing for girls who say aboot....'

Linguistics Not entirely serious piece from The Morning News about faking accents to get yourself out of or into a jam. The British:
"Actually Priscilla -- I mean, well, it's right polite to have us up and all but down at the pub see, well, Priscilla, it's not that I shouldn't but my mates and all, I mean, Bob's your uncle, love, or he's not and still -- no, sorry, yes I'm sorry -- but you don't mind much, but no of course, well gosh, silly me, yes -- well goddammit Priscilla why yes, yes, oh excellent."
Yes, that's exactly how I talk.


  1. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Off topic, but congratulations on passing your course.

    (The mechanic on those "goblin" learning course adverts gets his results, and they are addressed to Stuart Burns)

    Fame at last ;)

  2. I've noticed that! It's always interesting to see your name on the back of The Guardian guide almost every Saturday.