'It's oh so quiet. Shhh. Shhh. It's oh so still. I'm all alone....'

Life Mum and Dad are away for the weekend so I've had the run of the flat. Sometimes its good to spend time purely alone. I didn't do anything all that exciting -- watched some dvds, spent more time than I expected answering an email and ate some bolognaise for tea. But for the first time in ages, the only sounds I hear are the splash of water against the window, the fan from the pc, the ping of a kettle and the clack of my fingers across the keyboard.

It's a bit erie.

In fact it's too quiet.

Let's see what WinAmp has to say on the subject.

Suede's Trash. That's better.

Another circus tent has started its temporary stay in Sefton Park's parade field which backs onto our flats. It's a shame it wasn't here when Boris went for his walk around the park -- he might have thought someone was trying to send him a message and he could have conducted himself better. This time I'll be hearing the sound of 'The Circus of the Street' twice daily -- and I dread to thing what that will be like. Luckily the new windows we have in the flat are fairly well proofed so the impact won't be too much. I like circuses, but you usually only have to experience them once as a visitor -- having the excitement which goes with the people arriving and leaving and the show in between can become ... irritating after a while. Perhaps I should have been enjoying the silence while it lasted.

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