'Oh bugger this...'

Life I've just spent the past ten or so minutes writing what I believe may be the most boring paragraph ever commited to keyboard. See if you can spot the moment when my critical faculties staged a partial coup and took over suggesting I might want to post it ironically instead:
"I've spent some of the first day of what the French call vacances listening listening to Douglas Adams At The BBC (more of which elsetime). Since I like to do something mindless which I can do with only a little bit of concentration when I'm listing to these things I was also wading, with the help of WinAmp, through the now 17+ days of music on my computer. It's all legal, all my cd collection. The problem is that there is a mass of repetition in the files. I'm a bit of a compilation hoarder and since the same things keep cropping up on those discs, they're on my hard disk over and over. I found four copies of James' Sit Down alone. It's incredibly difficult to spot these. I've tried software which looks for repeats but it was horribly inaccurate and slow. So the only workable method is manual. Which means typing in a band name or title and see how many times it's in there. My efforts were eventually hand strung by be poor memory and also the way that the unseen volunteers who update Gracenotes list for said compilations, information which is downloaded when you rip a cd. The logical way would be to tag each track individually with title, artist and album name. Instead they bunch the first two in the title field, presumably because it's quicker to type, so it becomes 'Some Song / That Artist', with the actual artist field left blank, or more usually with 'Various Artists'. So now I'm in the slow process of going in and actually splitting the information out into the correct fields ... oh bugger this ...
Did I spend a few hours this afternoon doing this? Yes. Was it worth writing about on the weblog? No. I've often wondered why I haven't ever gone into the ultra-minutae of my daily life on here. It's because it results in the 270 odd words which you've just snoozed through.


anne said...

Ahh but it's posts like these that enlighten us readers into the real life workings of a blogger and what goes on beyond the keyboard. Get to laugh and realize we're not alone :)

I've been there before with music tracks, major pain in the derriere. My problem is getting the music I have on CD mixed up with the music I dont.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Yes, well perhaps I was a bit critical -- of myself to an extent because I was admitting that this was what I was doing for even a few hours on my first day off. But then I suppose this time as much about relaxing as much as anything else, and I happen to find this kind of thing theraputic. It's about the routine of it -- not having to think about anything else while i'm doing -- a bit like meditation I suppose you can shut out the rest of the world (except in this case for a documentary about Douglas Adams).