'Well you can bump and grind and it?s good for your mind...'

Life It was cold and wet in Manchester today. I'd hoped to get cracking with my Christmas shopping but when your time is spent trying to work out how to dash from shop to shop without getting too wet, inspiration is in short supply. I did manage to get an infusion of music, so between Vinyl Exchange and HMV I'm now relaxing to the sounds of Bibel Gilberto, Joss Stone, Minnie Driver, Tina Dico, Gypsy Swing and the soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And end up at the cinema. As I sat on the train home with Tina in my ears I just kept wondering how I managed to make that trip every day for a whole year. When I got home I found a birthday package from Kat, my first card and some mix cds which are so good I forgot to watch Tanner '88 tonight. Anyone know if it's coming out on dvd?

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  1. "Tanner '88" is coming out on the Criterion Collection label in Region 1 very soon.