'You ain't seen nothing yet ...'

Life For some reason today I became really conscious of people's ages. In an interview in this month's SFX magazine I discovered that Sarah Michelle Gellar is 27 -- which puts her in my generation -- and I thought she was bit younger. Watching City Slickers, there is a scene at the beginning when Billy Crystal's character Mitch is called by his mother to wish him a Happy Birthday, she reminds him he was born in 1958, and he later does the maths for us and says he's 39. I found myself extrapolating upwards to try and work out how old he would be now (about 54). John Peel was 65 when he died. Then I realised it's nearly ten years since I left university. I considered all things I thought I would have done by now. And then I thought about all the things I've actually managed to do in the last eight years and considered would would be possible in the next ten. Three days to go and all is well.

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