Film I can't decide if the new Star Wars trailer is a master stroke in retro-cool or a poor indicator of what is to some. Frequently in the past, the trails for sequels would use lots of footage from the first film with voiceover advising that they're back. Or if a film was by an actor director who'd had a previous success they'd have clips of that instead of whatever they're selling, usually indicating that whatever that is can't be very good. Here we have one of Alec's best speeches over footage from A New Hope. The trick they play is, yes, introducing material from the other two prequels then slowly building in new material of Anakin looking angry, effectively explaining that he is going to be Darth Vader, followed by the slow rise of the newly generated Dark Lord. It's all very exciting, although it does feel like they're trying to pull in the viewers who've become jaded by the last two. See this really is like Star Wars this time! Darth! Chewbacca! C-3PO on a consula ship! Old Ben! We'll see.

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