'Six O'Clock Already I Was Just In The Middle Of A Dream ...'

Life First day back to work from holiday. Alway tricky. I'm always amazed at how quickly I can carry on having not thought about anything for two weeks, but there I was after ten minutes as though I hadn't been away. Except I felt changed by this holiday more than usual. It was fairly momentous -- turned 30, met new friends, saw old friends leave (for now). I just feel more positive than I did that there is something to look forward to, that this isn't for the rest of my life and that deep within the version of me which goes to work nine to five, the person I like is still around. I'm not this job after all. And look -- I can write paragraphs again.


  1. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Oh yes, I know this ?at work I?m someone else? feeling. It always surprises me how I?m able to smile the exact same way while walking the same trails in the same building, put on the same face and doing the same small talk everyday. No matter how I?m feeling or what happened, on setting foot into the office it gives way to other thoughts. It?s not that I hate my job, maybe it?s rather appreciation I bear for this state. Or maybe I?m just a workaholic in search of reasons.

  2. Hey Ian. Thanks for commenting on this post, because I'm able to look at it and say -- I was right. I wasn't the job. I'm back at university now (if you're following the new material).