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Politics Reaction to Boris Johnson's sacking at his own website. Backhanded compliments all round:
"Girl at the Spectator Eh personaly I don't expect our MP to be perfect, Who wants a prim and propper pric for a MP, no one if they require sensible politics thats for sure. Maybe I am a little off course but I would vote for a person like Jefrey Archer in preference to Tony Blair any day. But whatever you do Boris don't upset the Yanks, George may dream up something they ask Tony to send you to the US of A pronto."

"They've done you a favour, old man. Quite why you've been sacked - certainly in terms of PR - I have no idea. I mean, yes, you're a bumbling oaf, but you're a likeable bumbling oaf, and certainly more likeable than the rest of the Tories, even if that doesn't say much. I don't agree with your politics in the slightest, and I also don't agree with a lot of your non-political decisions, but the party is insane to get rid of the only Conservative MP that anyone actually likes, and our democracy will suffer as a result."

"People don't mind when politicians have affairs. But they hate it when hosts of 'Have I Got News For You' having affairs."
More comments to come throughout the day probably ... err ... err ... no ... now ...

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