Review 2004: What I Watched #3


Friends: The One Where Joey Speaks French [10.13/18] [tv, broadcast]
Alias: Doppleganger [1.5/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Reckoning [1.6/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Color Blind [1.7/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Time Will Tell [1.8/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Mea Culpa [1.9/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Spirit [1.10/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: The Confession [1.11/22] [tv, dvd]
The Little Shop of Horrors [musical, stage]

Dawson's Creek: Love Bites [6.18/24] [tv, video]
Alias: The Box (Part 1) [1.12/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: The Box (Part 2) [1.13/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: The Coup [1.14/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Page 47 [1.15/22] [tv, dvd]
Gallifrey: The Inquiry [1.3/4] [audio drama, cd]

Doctor Who: The TV Movie [tv, dvd]
Downtime [video drama, video]
The Secret Policeman's Other Ball [film, dvd]
Shakespeare In Love [film, dvd]

The Stringer [film, video]
Oliver Twist [film, broadcast]

Independence Day [film, video]
Making the Video: Shakira Obsession (Tango) [documentary, dvd]
The Making of Zagreus [audio documentary, cd]

Alias: The Prophecy [1.16/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Q&A [1.17/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Masquerade [1.18/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Snowman [1.19/22] [tv, dvd]
e.r.: The Student [10.17/22] [tv, video]

Alias: The Solution [1.20/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Rendezvous [1.21/22] [tv, dvd]
Alias: Almost 30 Years [1.22/22] [tv, dvd]

Everyone Says I Love You [film, dvd]
Friends: The One With Princess Consuela [10.14/18] [tv, broadcast]

Dawson's Creek: Love Lines [6.19/24] [tv, video]
Have I Got News For You [27.4/8] [tv, broadcast]
People Like Us: The Managing Director [1.1/6] [tv, video]
People Like Us: The Estate Agent [1.2/6] [tv, video]

Possession [tv, video]
Angel: Tomorrow [3.22/22] [tv, video]

Angel: Deep Down [4.1/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Ground State [4.2/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: The House Always Wins [4.3/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Slouching Towards Bethlehem [4.4/22] [tv, dvd]

The Conversation [film, dvd]

e.r.: Where There's Smoke [10.18/22] [tv, video]

Doctor Who: Shada [audio play, cd]
Norah Jones: Live In New Orleans [music, dvd]
The First Time It Hits [short film, dvd]
Hard Labour [short film, dvd]
Job Street [short film, dvd]
Stripes [short film, dvd]
Lou-Lou Lives Here [short film, dvd]
Unreal City [short film, dvd]
Leila [short film, dvd]
Ice Cream Dream [short film, dvd]
Friends: The One Where Estelle Dies [10.15/18] [tv, broadcast]
Have I Got News For You [27.5/8] [tv, broadcast]

The Eurovision Song Contest 2004 [music(?), broadcast]
Eurovision ... a little bit more [tv, broadcast]

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not [film, dvd]

Dawson's Creek: Catch-22 [6.20/24] [tv, video]
Broadcast News [film, dvd]

Van Helsing [film, celluloid]
La Jetee [short film, dvd]

Full Frontal [film, dvd]

e.r.: Just A Touch [10.19/22] [tv, video]
Magnum Force [film, dvd]

Friends: The One With Rachel's Going Away Party [10.16/18] [tv, broadcast]
Have I Got News For You [27.6/8] [tv, broadcast]

Interiors [film, dvd]
The Big Question: The Worldwide Web [radio documentary, broadcast]
Two Weeks Notice [film, dvd]
Shadows and Fog [film, dvd]

Doctor Who: Strangers in Space [1.7.1/6] [tv, video]
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But were afraid to ask [film, dvd]
Doctor Who: The Unwilling Warriors [1.7.2/6] [tv, video]
Dawson's Creek: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road [6.21/24] [tv, video]
Sleeper [film, dvd]
Doctor Who: Hidden Danger [1.7.3/6] [tv, video]

Doctor Who: A Race Against Death [1.7.4/6] [tv, video]
One Fine Day [film, dvd]]

Doctor Who: Kidnap [1.7.5/6] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: A Desperate Venture [1.7.6/6] [tv, video]
The Others [film, video]
Doctor Who: The Watcher [2.9.1/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: The Meddling Monk [2.9.2/4] [tv, video]

Doctor Who: A Battle of Wits [2.9.3/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: Checkmate [2.9.4/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: A Holiday for the Doctor [3.8.1/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: Don't Shoot the Pianist [3.8.2/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: Johnny Ringo [3.8.3/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: The O K Corral [3.8.4/4] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: Storm Warning [16] [audio drama, cd]

Star Trek: The Original Series: Arena [1.19/29] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Supersymmetry [4.5/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Spin the Bottle [4.6/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Apocalypse, Nowish [4.7/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Habeas Corpses [4.8/22] [tv, dvd]
Star Trek: The Original Series: City On The Edge Of Forever [1.28/29] [tv, dvd]
The Peacemaker [film, video]

e.r.: Abby Normal[10.20/22] [tv, video]
e.r.: Midnight [10.21/22] [tv, video]
Catch-22 [film, dvd]
Doctor Who: Sword of Orion [17] [audio drama, cd]
Friends: The Last One, Part 1 [10.17/18] [tv, broadcast]
Friends: The Last One, Part 2 [10.18/18] [tv, broadcast]
Big Brother 5: Opening Programme [tv, broadcast]

Angel: Long Day's Journey [4.9/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Awakening [4.10/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Soulless [4.11/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Calvary [4.12/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Salvage [4.13/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Release [4.14/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Orpheus [4.15/22] [tv, dvd]

Have I Got News For You [27.7/8] [tv, broadcast]
Dawson's Creek: Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption [6.22/24] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: Stones of Venice [18] [audio drama, cd]

Love And Death [film, dvd]
Doctor Who: Minuet In Hell [19] [audio drama, cd]
Love & Sex [film, dvd]
Doctor Who: Living Legend [audio drama, cd]
By Dawn's Early Light [film, video]
Fallen Angels: Red Wind [tv, dvd]

[Alias, Angel and Doctor Who. It hadn't occured to me how obsessive I can be at times. The first two were courtesy of screenselect, but there really isn't any excuse for this much of the timelord. Shocking, especially when you consider all the good television that was no doubt being broadcast at the time (not that I'd know that for certain because I wasn't watching obviously). The only film I saw at the cinema for that whole entire month was Van Helsing which proves that my mind was on other things. Of the movies I saw on the small screen, I was one of the few people to like Neil LeBute's Possession and was strangely drawn to The Conversation and Catch 22 both studies of the introverted male. Funny.]


Gallifrey: A Blind Eye [1.4/4] [audio drama, cd]
Another Woman [film, dvd]

e.r.: Drive [10.22/22] [tv, video]
Nightwatch [film, dvd]

Hulk [film, dvd]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Have I Got News For You [27.8/8] [tv, broadcast]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies [tv, dvd]
1967 News Bulletin [tv, broadcast]

Blue Crush [film, dvd]

Dawson's Creek: All Good Things ... [6.23/24] [tv, video]
Dawson's Creek: ... Must Come To An End [6.24/24] [tv, video]
Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars [28] [audio drama, cd]
September [film, dvd]

Angel: Players [4.16/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Inside Out [4.17/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Shiny, Happy People [4.18/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: The Magic Bullet [4.19/22] [tv, dvd]

Max [film, dvd]

The Work of Director Spike Jonze [music, dvd]
Following [film, dvd]
Heaven and Earth [concert, music]

Defence of the Realm [film, dvd]

Doctor Who: Chimes At Midnight [29] [audio drama, cd]
Kind Hearts and Coronets [film, video]

Punch Drunk Love [film, dvd]

Doctor Who: The Green Death [10.5.1-6] [tv, dvd]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]
Angel: Sacrifice [4.20/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Peace Out [4.21/22] [tv, dvd]
Angel: Home [4.22/22] [tv, dvd]

Daemos Rising [film, dvd]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Confidence [film, dvd]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [film, dvd]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Jersey Girl [film, celluloid]
Euro 2004: England V Croatia [4-2] [sport, radio broadcast]
Doctor Who: Seasons of Fear [30]

The Importance of Being Ernest [film, broadcast]
An Evening With Kevin Smith [lecture, dvd]
Unfaithful [film, broadcast]
All New TV's Naughtiest Blunders 19 [tv, broadcast]
Have I Got News For You [23.1/8] [tv, broadcast]

Malena [film, dvd]
Game Over: Kasperov and the Machine [film, dvd]
Klute [film, video]
Antonia's Line [film, broadcast]

Clerks [film, video]
11/09/01 - September 11 [film, dvd]
Shakira Unplugged [music concert, dvd]
Euro 2004: England V Portugal [2-2, (7-6)] [sport, radio broadcast]

Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Party 2000 [film, dvd]
8 Women [film, dvd]
Doctor Who: Web of Fear [5.5.1] [tv, broadcast]
Time Shift: Fantasy Sixties [tv, broadcast]

Adam Adamant Lives!: The League Of Uncharitable Ladies [1.13/16] [tv, video]
Tori Amos Live 1997 [concert, video]
The Kneale Tapes [tv, video]
Here's A Piano I Prepared Earlier: Experimental Music In The 1960s [tv, video]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Wimbledon 2004: Tim Henman v Philippoussis
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Shanghai Knights [film, dvd]
Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

Big Brother 5 [tv, broadcast]

[That's better. I still think Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl is underated, but that the dvd is worth buying for the audio commentaries alome says something I suppose. There was a week's holiday in there which is why some days are really busy -- you can always tell when I had time off during the diary because the amount of things watched grows. I can pretty much recommend anything else on the list filmwise, although Unfaithful ends ludicrously and 11/09/01 - September 11 suffers some rough patches. The summer of sport began and as you can see I watched some football -- well a match. I also suffered Tim Henman v Philippoussis at Wimbledon 2004. I hadn't really thought I'd seen so much of Big Brother 5. I think it was about now I stopped watching.]

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