'So was she wearing panties?'

Life I had hoped to be offering you stories of the upkeep and restoration of antique ships tonight. There was talk advertised at the Merseyside Maratime Museum at the Albert Dock and since I seem to be in the mood for sitting in a room and listening to experts lately I thought it would be interesting. So after stopping off at Starbucks for a caramel something or other I head off to the dock, which due to the Paradise Project blocking the direct route is some walk from the city centre now. There first indication I had that something was incorrect were the people in period costume milling around. Then I remembered this exhibition is opening tomorrow and that I'd stumbled into the private view. Aware that people were looking I fought my way through sand bags and barrels and spoke to the security guard on the door. The talk had been cancelled and I was the first to turn up. He really didn't know what to say, although after chatting with someone inside he did offer a voucher for a drink and cake in the museum restaurant when it was open, so not a completely wasted journey. Came home and watched the fabulous Otto Preminger film Anatomy of a Murder for the first time instead happy that all things eventually balance themselves out.

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